FreePlay Duo (CA)

Described as “inspired eclecticism”, The FreePlay Duo will take you from the concert halls of Europe, to the jazz clubs of Manhattan, to the temples of India, and back to the cultural mosaic of their native Canada… all without leaving your seat. With intricate, acrobatic two-voice arrangements and “live-multitracked” arrangements using a loopstation, Dylan and Suba create an exciting program demonstrating the limitless potential of the human voice. Imagine Simon and Garfunkel crossed with a Bach 2-part invention... or an bebop jazz melody combined with ancient Indian solkattu... or an 8-part vocal arrangement created by two singers, right before your eyes... and you'll get a glimpse of what the Duo has to offer. The FreePlay Duo has toured throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and recently performed at the prestigious London A Cappella Festival. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the FreePlay Duo!"





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