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2013 Asian A Cappella Compilation

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Contemporary A Cappella in Asia has developed into different styles and forms that are unique to each region, mixing characteristics of local culture and language.  This album is the first Asian A Cappella compilation in history, with specially selected groups from different regions presenting their works. We hope, through this album, Asian A Cappella music can be shared not only within Asia, but also around the globe.

Song List  

MICappella  |  Here We Go  
The A Cappella Society  |  Rasa Sayang   
Gay Singers  |  Happy Happy
Orange  |  Give Me a Break  
Voco Novo  |  Under the Tung Blossom Tree  
O-Kai Singers  |  Atayal Yearning Song
Freeman  |  Golden Mountains of Beijing    
Strong Voice  |  The Southeast
Zenith  |  Giant Tree 자이언트 트리  
Exit  |  Cigarette Store Girl 담배가게 아가씨  
Pylon  |  Takeda Lullaby 竹田の子守唄


1. Here We Go  |  MICappella  (Singapore)   
L&M:Zhang Lesheng & Peter Huang and Tat Tong  /  Arr.:Tom Anderson     /  Producer:Peter Huang  /  Recording Engineer:Peter Huang  /  Mixing   Engineer :Ed Boyer   

2. Rasa Sayang  |  The A Cappella Society  (Singapore)   
L&M:Folk Song /  Arr.:Hekko Wiscanto  /  Producer:Hekko Wiscanto  /  Recording Engineer: Mabel Leong  /  Mixing Engineer :Chad Batchelor   

3. Happy Happy  |  Gay Singers  (Hong Kong)   
M:Traditional  /  Arr.:Kwok-Tung Fung  /  Producer:Kwok-Tung Fung  /   Recording Engineer:King Kong  /  Mixing Engineer :King Kong   

4. Give Me a Break  |  Orange  (Hong Kong)   
L&M:Joe-Yung Pang  /  Arr.:Joe-Yung Pang /  Producer:Joe-Yung    Pang /  Recording Engineer:King Kong  /  Mixing Engineer :King Kong   

5. Under the Tung Blossom Tree  |  Voco Novo  (Taiwan)   
L&M:Hsiu-Ju Ku & Yu-Wei Hsieh  /  Arr.:Christine Liu  /     Producer:Iansen, Christine Liu, Andrew Yeh  /  Recording    Engineer:Iansen, Christine Liu  /  Mixing Engineer :Iansen, Christine Liu   

6. Atayal Yearning Song  |  O-Kai Singers  (Taiwan)   
L&M:Chuen-Mu Gao /  Arr.:Andy Jaffe & Jia-Ching Lai  /  Producer:JiaChing Lai /  Recording Engineer:Dzih-Long Hong  /  Mixing Engineer    :Gábor Molnár   

7. Golden Mountains of Beijing  |  Freeman 自由人  (China)   
L&M:Mazhuo  /  Arr.:Yu-Qi Liang  /  Producer:Yu-Qi Liang /     Recording Engineer:Yu-Qi Liang  /  Mixing Engineer :Yu-Qi Liang   

8. The Southeast  |  Strong Voice  (China)   
L&M: Xin-Huan Wu & Zi-Hao Wang  /  Arr.:Zi-Hao Wang /     Producer:Zi-Hao Wang  /  Recording Engineer:Zi-Hao Wang  /  Mixing    Engineer :Zi-Hao Wang   

9. Giant Tree 자이언트 트리  |  Zenith  (Korea)   
L&M:Eric Kim  /  Arr.:Eric Kim  /  Producer:Eric Kim  /  Recording    Engineer:Eric Kim  /  Mixing Engineer :Eric Kim   

10. Cigarette Store Girl 담배가게아가씨  |  Exit  (Korea)   
L&M:Chang-Sik Song  /  Arr.: Seul-Ki Lee  /  Producer:Min-Soo Kim  /     Recording Engineer:Min-Soo Kim  /  Mixing Engineer : Min-Soo Kim   

11. Takeda Lullaby  |  竹田の子守唄Pylon  (Japan)   
L&M:Folk Song  /  Arr.:Ushio Yoneda  /  Producer:Pylon  / Recording    Engineer:Takeshi Izawa  /  Mixing Engineer :Takeshi Izawa 


Published by: 唯聲股份有限公司 & Vocal Asia
Publisher: Clare Chen
Production Advisors: Deke Sharon, Peder Karlsson
Music Advisors: Angelina Choo, Kaichiro Kitamura, Kwok-Tung Fung, Ray Chu, Sung-Mo Han
Producers: Christine Liu, Wuming Chen Production Coordinator: Zoe Chen
Mastering: Jui-Shun Jao
Mastering Studio: ArchiMusic Studio (Taipei)
Design: Ching-Wen Wu      

Special Thanks (In alphabetical order)  
Japan A Cappella Society, Jia-Ching Lai, Korea A Cappella Education Program, Shanghai A Cappella Center, Taiwan Choral Music Center, The A Cappella Society, The Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong & Macau


All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or rental of this recording prohibited.



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