Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Macau College A Cappella Competition 2017

Date : 20 Nov 2017
Time : 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Venue : Wang Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House

Hong Kong and Macau College A Cappella Competition 2017

Hong Kong and Macau University A Cappella Association (HMUACA) has organized The Hong Kong and Macau College A Cappella Competition annually since 2012. Its aim is to promote a cappella singing on college campuses.  The event has been a platform for students of tertiary education institutes to demonstrate their talents through a trendy art form that demands polished singing techniques, effective teamwork skills, and creativities.  It has also allowed groups from different places to learn from each other and establish bondage.  HMUACA will provide post-competition trainings and performances, assisting the further development of all competing groups. This year, HMUACA has joined hands with General Education Unit, The University of Hong Kong to spread the music atmosphere in the HKU Campus.

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Special guests : The Gay Singers

Participating Teams:

純度人聲樂團 (廣東第二師範書院)
晚安人聲樂團 (廣東第二師範學院)
粤豫人聲樂團 (廣東第二師範學院)
Sailing (暨南大學)
Creepella (星海音樂學院)
Napalm (星海音樂學院)
Poker (星海音樂學院)
Lovappella (香港教育大學)
Tunatics 吞拿魚清唱團 (香港科技大學)
Mosaic (香港大學)

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