2013 Vocal Asia Festival

Hello Everyone!   

2013 Vocal Asia Festival program content and application are now available online! This year's festival we are inviting Rajaton from Finland and Freeplay Duo from Canada as the guest groups, Deke Sharon and Peder Karlsson as the international guest instructors, and Mia Hsieh, leader of the world music ensemble "A Moving Sound" as the body and music instructor. This is the place where you can aca-sing, aca-learn, have aca-fun, and make more new aca-friends from around the world! Definitely something you don't wanna miss!   

Dates: August 22-25, 2013 
Venue: Taoyuan Performing Arts Center, Taoyuan, Taiwan

★ Workshops selection will begin on June 15, 2013
★ Early Bird Deadline: June 20th 

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