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Popphone Singers from Taiwan will hold a concert on April 12.  

A forum to discuss about a cappella development in Hong Kong will be held on April 16.  

.Edison Hung in Hong Kong released two reviews about Gargoyles and O-Kai Singers.  

.Peder Karlsson, the president of The Real Group Academy in Sweden, came to Hong Kong and directed “Live! A Cappella Training Course” organized by Yat Po Singers.  

.Orange from Hong Kong recruit performers. The day of casting is April 21.  

.SENZA and Yat Po Singers from Hong Kong have an interview by the journal “Sanpoyan”.  

Budak Pantai from Singapore will hold the farewell concerts on May 23-24.  


.About “The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival” in USA, The contest of Chicago regional was held on March 29 and the regional champions is 3AM. The contest of Los Angeles regional was held on April 5 and the regional champions is #FORTY4B.  

.About “The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival” in USA, The contest of Boston regional will take place on April 13. The host group is Fermata Town and the special performer guest is The Beelzebubs.  

Nick Girard from The House Jacks and Clare Wheeler from The Swingle Singers was engaged on April 1. Everyone congratulated them on the internet.  

.“BOSton Sings A Cappella Festival” will be held in Boston on April 11-13. At that time, The winners of “CARAs” will be announced.  

.The tracks of “Voices Only 2014” was released a few days ago. It is now available on iTunes.



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