Vocal Asia Festival released special project to support Taitung

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

"VOICE WILL GUIDE YOU" Project As you all know, this year's festival is taking place in Taitung, Taiwan, but most of you might not know that on July 8, Taitung was struck by the most disastrous typhoon in its history. It was a night of horror with strong wind and heavy rain, and the next morning the entire city faced tremendous damage, including some of the venues that the festival is taking place.
Taitung is trying its best to recover from the damage, so that they can welcome all of you again with its new look. Therefore, Vocal Asia Festival would like to do something for this beautiful city by having you take part in a video to encourage those who need help and those who came to help. We chose the song "Fix You" by Coldplay, because we think this song sends out a great message for those who are in trouble, no matter what happens, light will guide them home. We would like to publish the video in two weeks, so please send in your video to [email protected] before July 18. Thank you in advance for doing this for Taitung!

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