Greeting From VA Team Members Over Asia!

“Best wishes for the continuing success of Vocal Asia!  A Cappella fly high!”
--Ray Chu / Taiwan

“A Cappella offers more than prizes or jobs. It's something fun - by nature!”
--Kwok Tung Fung / Hong Kong   

“Congratulations Vocal Asia! We are looking forward to the greater developments for our Asian teams!”
--Angelina Choo-Sassarak / Singapore

“I am really happy for the new start of Vocal Asia website. Recently A Cappella has developed rapidly in Asia. Since Asian countries have over 5 thousands-year histories and culture, now they are observed new value with A Cappella music. Besides, with swift economic growth and national development, various opportunities of cultural and arts are being created, we need A Cappella that gives happiness to everybody, and it's obviously getting more and more. Vocal Asia, center of Asian A Cappella! I dream of seeing the whole Asians getting altogether and singing A Cappella happily!”
--Sung Mo Han / Korea

“Welcome to the new Vocal Asia. Vocal Asia is an inter-regional network for promoting and developing A Cappella music in Asia. The main purpose is to provide a platform for A Cappella fans and musicians to share and exchange experiences.  The new website not only has a new look, it also provides more information and a better environment for a more enjoyable A Cappella musical experience.”
--Kaichiro Kitamura / Japan



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