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Takeda Lullaby 竹田の子守唄  |  Pylon 

L&M:Folk Song  /  Arr.:Ushio Yoneda  /  Producer:Pylon  / Recording    Engineer:Takeshi Izawa  /  Mixing Engineer :Takeshi Izawa 

I would hate baby-sitting beyond Bon Festival,
The snow begins to fall, and the baby cries.

How can I be happy even when Bon Festival is here?
I don't have nice clothes or a sash to wear.

This child continues to cry and is mean to me.
I get thinner because the baby cries all day.

I would quickly quit here and go back
To my parents' home over there,
To my parents' home over there.

守も嫌がる 盆から先にゃ
雪もちらつくし 子も泣くし

盆が来たとて 何嬉しかろ
帷子は無し 帯は無し

この子よう泣く 守をばいじる
守も一日 痩せるやら

早よも行きたや この在所越えて
向こうに見えるは 親の家
向こうに見えるは 親の家



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