Mezzotono China Tour 2017

05/19 (Fri.)  Huzhou Grand Theatre  Related Link 
05/20 (Sat.)  Jiaxing Grand Theatre  Related Link 
05/21 (Sun.) Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theatre  Related Link 
05/22 (Mon.) Wenzhou Grand Theatre  Related Link 
05/23 (Tue.) Zhoushan Putuo Grand Theater  Related Link 
05/24 (Wed.) Hangzhou Grand Theatre  Related Link 
05/25 (Thu.) Bejing  Related Link 
05/26 (Fri.)  Bejing  Related Link 
05/27 (Sat.)  Harbin Manciuria  Related Link 


The feature of the band is that all the songs are in italian or in local dialect (pugliese) and, above all, performed without any instrument. The arrangements, all original, give a big impact in the live show with a result full of energy and fun. The group experienced live shows on tv, festivals and in theatres. Abroad, Taiwan A-Cappella Festival 2006 (with a tour and meetings in state university supported by Apulia Region), Romania 2008, Vokal Total 2005 and 2008 in Graz (Austria) with a Gold Diploma, Monaco 2009, Slovenija 2009 and Albania 2009, Arabia Saudita 2009, Germania 2010, Slovakia 2010, Africa 2010. In 2008 they won “Solevoci Festival” in Varese as best group and best song for “Balletto Barese”. Their cd “Mezzotono” was edited by the record company Preludio of Milan, Italy. They were asked to partake in the making of the cd “A-Cappella Made in Italy”.



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