The Curriculum of Vocal Asia Fesival was released!

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

Dear Friends!!!!!

We are so happy to announce 2016 Vocal Asia Festival will be held on August 17th – 20th in Taitung, Taiwan! And the curriculum of Vocal Asia Fesival was released!!!

You can download the VAF information here, or pay a visit to VAF website for the most updated news!

Plus, we are very sorry to announce Bob Stoloff will not join the festival this time. BUT instead, we will have the world known singer/arranger/producer/educator - THE Michele Weir, to show us some techniques to become a good aca-singers!!!!
Check here to read more about her.

What’s New This Year?

● Taitung is the most beautiful city in Taiwan!  It has spectacular scenes with sunshine, fresh air, ocean, and coastal lines.  Come and be part of this beautiful place with your voice.  You’ll also be able to experience the most ancient A Cappella music in Taiwan: the Taiwanese aboriginal music, and take them with you back to your home town!

● The 3rd Asian Cup A Cappella Competition will be there!  No need to wait for another year.  All groups are welcome to apply!

● Great instructors as usual!  Apart from teachers from around Asia, we especially invited the world-renowned A Cappella group from Cuba – Vocal Sampling, who will share the music from their homeland and get your feet up dancing.

● Single Singers in Taitung!  For those of you are coming alone, you are not alone, and you’ll get a chance to perform!  Join Single Singers, meet new friends through music and sing together!

l● Aca Day will be arranged again this year! It is the day where you get to share your music with the local citizens and tourists. In this beautiful city of Taitung, it is the best way to sing out your music!



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