O-Kai Singers' first album
has released on Dec. 21

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O-Kai A Cappella
Music Type: A Cappella
Language: Taiwan Aboriginal Dialect
Producer: Jia-Ching Lai , Hsi-Chuan Wang
Artists: O-Kai A Cappella

Listening / Programt

01 P-Qwas-Ta/Sing Together (Hillwood version)
02 Marekasahar/Fall in Love
03 Lahuy Ta/Gather Song
04 Rimuy Sula Rimuy Yun/Happy Song
05 Sakalima/The Number Song
06 Sinramat/Yearning Song
07 Tminun/Weaving Song
08 vulai qa nirangran/Beautiful Mood (Vocal Instrumental)
09 P-Qwas-Ta/Sing Together (LaLaLa version)


O-Kai Singers is a Taiwanese A Cappella group with six members. Founded in 2004, O-Kai Singers members are from the Atayal tribe, Amis tribe and Han tribe. With a rich combination of cultural background from each of the members, they have together brought their talents for music and their passions alive.
Over 500 performances around the world and winning 17 awards internationally, this album will surely bring out their vocal talent that you would not want to miss. A Chinese music critic ever said, "Their powerful voices and contagious performance just conquered the audience on the spot…"
In this album, you will enjoy their reinterpreted traditional Tayal songs and contemporary songs from Amis and Puyuma tribes in a wide variety of music styles, including Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk, and Latin. Listen to the hidden scenes within their music. Enjoy!

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