Vocal Asia cooperates with eAAVF & will present a unique workshop in May

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

Let's go forward! We are thrilled to announce that we are planning and cooperating with Aarhus Online Vocal Festival (eAAVF) and gonna present a unique workshop on May 22th!

As the multi-national platform and international organization dedicated to A Cappella music, Vocal Asia keeps in touch with different festival organizers as well as music promoters from all over the world. This year, for the first time, we are grateful to have this collaboration with eAAVF, hosted online by Danish Aarhus Vocal Festival, one of the biggest vocal festivals in Europe. We will present an Asian-style workshop during eAAVF. It will take place physically in Taiwan and be live broadcasted to the relevant online platforms of the festival for all the eAAVF participants.

The topic of the workshop is “The Singing Style of Nanguan”, Nanguan is one of the most ancient music from southern China. Its unique music style is still kept today.  In this workshop, you will get to experience first hand and learn the singing style from Wang Xinxin, the greatest Nanguan musician in the world, and hear how Voco Novo, one of Taiwan's leading vocal groups, mixes the ancient music from the West (A Cappella) with the ancient music from the East.

You can keep in touch with eAAVF to stay tuned for more details about the online program.



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