New Recording 47 Amps Up the Nostalgia With Their Debut Single

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Singapore a cappella group, New Recording 47 (NR47), announces the release of their debut single, What It Used To Be, on their third anniversary since forming the group. Staying active during the pandemic, they have been featured in online events such as Tonehouse Studio’s Live Streaming Sessions and Vocale 2020: The Chatterbox Series. Conceptualised during the previous tumultuous year, this song reminisces about simpler times, and the changes that come with growing up. The track is now available on all major digital service providers.

As their debut song, New Recording 47 pays homage to their past and how the group has evolved with an ever-changing world. Amanda speaks about the origins of the song: “My initial draft was about technology, how the world has transitioned from a zero-tech to a high-tech space. But when we decided to adapt it for the group, we wanted to make it more relatable to the laymen.”

Painting an image for listeners to visualize, the song illustrates vivid descriptions of our childhood moments we cherish. This is what New Recording 47 wants to tell their listeners – Turn off your notifications for a moment and bask in the now. You’ve earned a short escape from reality. “This song is really about appreciating the shift in perspective as you grow up,” describes Zach. The lyrics explore the blissful ignorance and simplicity of life before growing up. “It brings to life past memories that show Singaporean millennials what life used to be like when we were younger,” Shaun iterates.

In line with the release of ‘What It Used To Be’, New Recording 47 will be releasing an accompanying music video, made available on 2 June 2021, at 9pm on the artist’s YouTube channel.


Artist Name: New Recording 47
Song Title: What It Used To Be
Mixed by: Benjamin Yeo
Mastered on: BandLab
Photography: It’s Like Depth
Stream now:


New Recording 47 is a five-member contemporary a cappella group from Singapore founded in 2018. Combining the style of a cappella into iconic local songs, the group hopes to bring a new fusion of genres that excites the Singaporean public. From festivals like Esplanade's Red Dot August to Sentosa Island Lights, they have brought gazes of wonder to their audiences with their special vocal effects and unique remakes of local songs. Attaining listeners in over 48 countries, their songs have been featured on Spotify playlists such as Rising 65, New Music Friday Singapore and Malaysia, and Fresh Finds SG & MY.


( The information is cited from the press release of New Recording 47. )



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