SACC's “Imagine” Virtual Choir Recording Project

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

Shanghai A Cappella Center (SACC) would like to invite children from all around the world to join the virtual choir recording project by singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” together!

SACC takes this opportunity to have children embrace the differences in the world, developing empathy for each other through the beauty of harmony. SACC believes our vocal harmony acted as a prayer for the world to heal during the pandemic, and would be able to keep on fighting until the world gets back to normality.

“Imagine” sends out a message that human beings should live peacefully together and stay away from wars. SACC rearranged the song to a choral version with instrumental accompaniment, and hoped to gather the voices from children all around the globe to join and deliver this message to every corner of the earth.

This project recording will be premiered before next February, and SACC hopes to have your voices! If you're interested in joining this project, email to [email protected] for more details.

Shanghai A Cappella Center: “Imagine” Virtual Choir Recording Project

Qualification: children under 15 years old (both individuals and teams)
Singing version: children's choral version with instrumental accompaniment
Recording method: contact for music scores, demonstration audio files of each part and recording guide for free
Deadline for recording submission: before 24:00 on December 23, 2021
Expected release date: before February 2022
Contact: [email protected]



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